Tuesday, September 29, 2009

online community report - the REAL numbers

numnbers dont lie so here is the report- http://www.onlinecommunityreport.com/

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Gravity Summit Which I Attended At Harvard Makes The News

I was fortunate to have a sponsor fly me to Boston for the gravity summit to meet other authorities in the industry at Harvard. What an experience! The social media for business trend has now become a realization to me that mid and large businesses are more positioned to be able to implement such strategies than the small business community (although i am extremely passionate in helping the small business community which is what i was focusing Social Networking San Diego's consulting services too.) This conference really enabled me to re-evaluate things in our business model and was greatly insightful as to what is to come in the near future. Plus I made some HUGE contacts and had the opportunity to meet a 2 fellow entrepreneurs and business moguls MC Hammer and Gary Vaynerchuk! They were superstars at the event and their keynotes were amazing and very insightful. I was humbled to be part of the Harvard gravity summit experience, and i look forward to the next one.

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