Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Diego Lawyers Club- Social Networking 101 For Attorneys

I had the pleasure to speak at the San Diego Lawyers Club or Lawyers Club San Diego on the hottest topic today in the business world- Social Networking and Social Media. Click here to see my press release on social networking 101 for lawyers.

I wanted to share the presentation for all attorneys because I got such a huge request for slides I wanted to share them. Hope you all enjoy the presentation. We taped it to so if you'd like a copy of the DVD- please click here to email me and request your copy (these are limited supply) E-mail Me! they are only 10$ to pay for my videographer's time to produce the video professionally. It will be the best 10$ you spend on educational material on social networking and social media 101 tailored just for attorneys. You wont find a presentation as informational as this one for attorneys I assure you. Its the best 10$ you will spend all year- and I can guarantee it in writing if you'd like! :)

Justin R French
CEO Social Networking San Diego

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